Dragon Valley: Best Brushing and Point Strategy for Mechanical Masters, Make You an Invincible Player! (Revealing Dragon Valley: The Must-have Brushing and Pointing Strategy for Mechanical Masters, Overcoming All Challenges!)

Dragon Valley: Best Brushing and Point Strategy for Mechanical Masters, Make You

Dragon Valley: Best Brushing and Point Strategy for Mechanical Masters, Make You an Invincible Player! (Revealing Dragon Valley: The Must-have Brushing and Pointing Strategy for Mechanical Masters, Overcoming All Challenges!) In the mobile game Dragon Valley, as an action RPG mobile game, “Dragon Valley” not only has a great sense of impact, but also allows players to manipulate various mechanical devices and monsters in battles. However, for novice players, mastering the Mechanical Master is not an easy task. In Dragon Valley, the Mechanical Master, as a DPS profession, also has decent skill damage. So how can you achieve high damage output in Dragon Valley? Today, we bring you the brushing and pointing strategy for Mechanical Masters, making you an invincible player!

【Point Allocation Recommendations】

In Dragon Valley mobile, the point allocation for Mechanical Masters mainly falls into three main directions. They are allocating points for active skills and auxiliary skills. Among them, auxiliary skills mainly provide various enhancement effects to players, allowing them to improve their combat power while also enhancing certain attributes. For Mechanical Masters, auxiliary skills should be prioritized since they have a longer attack range. Auxiliary skills can assist players in combat and enhance their own strength, thus achieving victory in battles.

【Allocation for Active Skills】

In the mobile game “Dragon Valley,” the skills of Mechanical Masters are mostly auxiliary in nature. Therefore, we should first focus on active skills in order to improve the character’s combat power. As an output profession, the Mechanical Masters have high skill damage, with most skills focused on control effects. Therefore, for active skill allocation, the main focus is on improving their own output capability while also reducing the enemy’s damage output. As for auxiliary skills, since these skills are generally BUFF skills provided to the team, it is recommended to select skills that enhance auxiliary skill damage for improvement. Of course, the choice of auxiliary skills depends on individual operational techniques and team requirements. The specific selection of skills should be based on the actual situation and does not need to be elaborated here.

【Allocation for Auxiliary Skills】

In “Dragon Valley: World,” skills are divided into four categories: active skills, auxiliary skills, and special skills. Active skills mainly provide various buff effects to players, including increasing movement speed, attack power, and reducing damage received. Auxiliary skills mainly provide various status enhancements, including increased magic defense and increased critical damage. However, auxiliary skills only increase the player’s combat power, rather than overall power. Special skills mainly provide various special effects, including increasing physical defense, magic defense, and maximum HP. These need to be matched by players themselves, so everyone needs to pay attention to their tactical positioning in order to achieve the best state to deal with different boss battles or gameplay activities.

The above is the brushing and pointing strategy for Mechanical Masters in the Dragon Valley mobile game. I hope it can provide some help to everyone in the game.

Revealing Dragon Valley: The Must-have Brushing and Pointing Strategy for Mechanical Masters, Overcoming All Challenges!

Mechanical Masters are one of the most powerful professions in “Dragon Valley.” Their skills are mostly long-range magic and have strong area-of-effect damage abilities, making them harvesters on the battlefield. As a powerful DPS character, their ability to brush maps is undoubtedly exceptional. But how should players match skills and equipment to maximize efficiency in map brushing? Today, we’ll share it with everyone.

【Skill Allocation】

Active skill: Soul Capture’s Heavy Duck Heavy Bombing

Recommended reason: The summon of Soul Capture’s Heavy Duck can cause a large amount of area damage and restrict the enemy’s movements, preventing them from attacking the Mechanical Master. For the Mechanical Master, Soul Capture’s Heavy Duck is an excellent choice. Once the passive of Soul Capture’s Heavy Duck is triggered, it can summon two clones to fight together with the player. This is very advantageous for players, especially for those who enjoy PvP.

Auxiliary skill: Stun Grenade’s Increased Stun Duration

Recommended reason: Although Stun Grenade can cause a large amount of area damage, its role in PvP is not significant. Stun Grenade can not only restrict the opponent but also cause other friendly units within a certain range to enter a stunned state, facilitating the output of friendly output professions. It can be said to be a very useful control skill.

Active skill: Waxing’s Summoning multiple summons while also gaining a certain defense boost for 10 seconds. Waxing can not only summon summons but also cause damage to surrounding enemies. Moreover, Waxing has a wide range. It is a very useful skill for both map brushing and PvP. However, Waxing must be used during the cooldown, otherwise, it will not be able to summon more summons.

Passive skill: Protective Shield-Resistance to damage

Recommended reason: The protective shield can resist one instance of damage. Therefore, as long as the Mechanical Master ensures that they are not damaged, they can ensure their survival in PK.

【Crest Combination】

Intelligence + Magic Power + Fatal + Luck + Iron Wall + Curtain + Health + Life + Health

Recommended reason: This combination of crests focuses on magic attack and intelligence, while also increasing magic attack and intelligence. This allows the Mechanical Master’s spell output to be enhanced and ensures their staying power during map brushing.

【Dragon Jade Combination】

Life + Health + Iron Wall + Curtain + Giant Bear + Hurricane

Recommended reason:

In terms of Dragon Jade selection, primarily use crests that increase magic attack, life, and intelligence for combination.

Life + Health + Hurricane + Iron Wall + Curtain = Health + 500;

Life + Health + Iron Wall = Health value + 20;

Life + Health + Hurricane = Health value + 30;

Life + Hurricane = Hurricane + 30;

【Sprite Selection】

For players who enjoy PvP, the Mechanical Master is an indispensable presence! If you want to defeat opponents in PvP, the Mechanical Master is naturally essential.

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