Dragon Valley Cannoneer Mapping Pointing Tips Revealed! (Breaking the rules! Quick leveling Dragon Valley Cannoneer mapping strategy!)

Dragon Valley Cannoneer Mapping Pointing Tips Revealed! (Breaking the rules! Qui

Dragon Valley Cannoneer Mapping Pointing Tips Revealed! (Breaking the rules! Quick leveling Dragon Valley Cannoneer mapping strategy!) “Dragon Valley” as an action game, not only tests players’ reaction abilities, but also pays great attention to skill combinations. The Cannoneer is one of the scholar’s 45th level second promotion professions and faces great pressure in the initial leveling path. Now let’s introduce how to allocate points for Cannoneer’s mapping!

【Skill Recommendation】

Active Skills:

1. Cannon Blast, maxed out;

2. Soul Snatching Whirlwind, maxed out;

3. Biochemical Missiles, one point;

4. Splash, one point;

5. Universe Teleport, one point;

6. Brainwave Projection, one point;

7. Floating Adjustment, Evasion, Soul Snatching Slaughter, Biochemical Grenade, Biochemical Impact, Rocket Jump, Ice Spray Tower;

8. Soul Snatching Whirlwind, one point;

9. Heavy Duck’s Strike, one point;

10. Waxing, one point;

11. Cannon Blast, one point, maxed out.

The second promotion skills are: Destruction, Strong Bomb, Brainwave Projection, Biochemical Missiles, Biochemical Grenade, Heavy Whistle, Heavy Machine Gun, Horizon;

As an advanced branch of the Engineer, Cannoneer can choose between output or support. It is recommended to focus on support skills to ensure the ability to deal more damage.

Active Skills:

1. Cannon Blast;

2. Soul Snatching Whirlwind;

3. Biochemical Missiles;

4. Universe Teleport;

5. Biochemical Missiles;

6. Heavy Duck’s Strike;

7. Maxed out;

Passive Skills:

1. Biochemical Interference;

2. Shield;

3. Mental Exile;

4. Brainwave Projection;

Above is all the content of the Cannoneer mapping skill allocation strategy in “Dragon Valley” brought to you by the editor. Hope you like it~

Breaking the rules! Quick leveling Dragon Valley Cannoneer mapping strategy!

In the Dragon Valley mobile game, the Cannoneer is the second promotion profession of the Mage. This profession has strong long-range output abilities and powerful control skills, but its drawback is fragility. Therefore, to play this character well, you need to master certain techniques. Let’s introduce the mapping strategy for this profession.



Energy Laser

Deals 350% magic attack + 105 physical damage to the front area.


Inflicts 400% magic attack magic damage to surrounding enemies, causing them to be stunned for 2 seconds.

High-Explosive Grenade

Launches a huge rocket, dealing 500% magic attack + 105 magical damage to all enemy units within the explosion range, knocking them back 3 meters and stunning them.


Launches a flying device in front of oneself, dealing 250% magic attack + 95 magical damage to enemies, reducing their speed by 10% for 2 seconds, and causing additional damage.

Electric Arrow

Launches a high-explosive grenade forward, dealing 150% magic attack + 85 magical damage to enemies in the area, knocking them down and stunning them, causing additional damage.

Tracking Missiles

Jumps back a certain distance and deals 150% magic attack magic damage to all targets along the path, causing enemies to enter a stun state for 6 seconds.

Summon Soul Snatcher

Summons a Soul Snatcher to aid in battle, dealing 120% magic attack + 95 magical damage to enemies and friendly units, causing enemies to be confused, unable to act or use skills.

【Cannoneer Strategy】

Cannoneer, as a Mage profession, has extremely terrifying output capabilities. Its attack range is large, the skill damage is high, and it can provide decent survival space for oneself, making it very suitable for novice players to choose.

The Cannoneer’s attack speed is very fast, but its weakness is also very obvious, that is, its defense is low. Although it has powerful long-range output capabilities, it is easily targeted by monsters due to its low defense. Therefore, Cannoneer should try to avoid direct confrontation with bosses when mapping dungeons.

【Summary: Cannoneer is one of the top spell professions. Its output method is also quite special. It has extremely strong control skills, but because of its low defense, it must be careful when facing enemy attacks.

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