Extract the Gold Ore from Mole Manor and Embark on the Road to Wealth! (Scale the treasures of Mole Manor’s gold ore and become a true mining tycoon!)

Extract the gold ore from Mole Manor and embark on the road to wealth! (Scale

Extract the gold ore from Mole Manor and embark on the road to wealth! (Scale the treasures of Mole Manor’s gold ore and become a true mining tycoon!) As a casual development game, “Mole Manor” not only inherits the classic gameplay and strategy of simulation management, but also provides rich, interesting, and playable content. “Digging Mole Manor” brings all kinds of resources from mobile games into this world full of fun and adventure. Players can enjoy the fun of this game to the fullest and gain many benefits from it.

In the game, gold ore is one of the basic minerals in “Digging Mole Manor” and is the easiest type of ore to mine. In the game, we can earn a certain amount of molars by digging gold ore.

Gold ore is a type of ore in the game that mainly appears on the ground in the homes, usually near the Mason’s Hut or on trees in the farm. When collecting, it is important to note that only after collecting gold ore can other items and tools be unlocked. These are very important props and materials. If we haven’t collected them, we won’t be able to earn a lot of money through this method!

Gold ore is a special kind of ore in “Digging Mole Manor”. We can get a lot of rewards by digging out this ore. In the game, there are many ways to obtain rewards, but the simplest way is to obtain them through fishing. After digging gold ore in the game, we can use this method to buy gold coins in the shop, but the prerequisite is that we have enough diamonds!

There are many types of gold ore that we can use to make advanced things, including copper ore and silver ore. For example, gold ore can be used for upgrades. We can combine these two metals into a higher level metal. There are many ways to obtain these metals. For example, if we want to get silver metal, we must get iron ore, and iron ore can be obtained by finding Nick, and then exchanging it for gold.

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Scale the treasures of Mole Manor’s gold ore and become a true mining tycoon!

“Mole Manor” mobile game is the world’s first casual community game that combines nostalgia, puzzle-solving, and development. It brings players into the childhood classic web games “Mole Manor”, “Happy Journey”, “Immortal Legend”, and the best mobile game of 2016 in a relaxed and idle manner. In this excellent work, there are many interesting and exploratory gameplay. Now let me share the strategy of scaling the treasures of Mole Manor’s gold ore!

As a management mobile game, gold ore has always been the focus of attention. Because it can not only be used to make furniture, but also to purchase various props and equipment. In addition to obtaining gold coins through mining in the game, it can also be used to exchange for some special currency. Gold coins have many uses, such as buying seeds, making advanced tools, etc. Gold ore is one of them, which can be obtained through mining.

To become a true mining tycoon in the game, you first need to understand how to mine. At the beginning of the game, players can start from the starting point and continue to dig down along the road. If you want to go further, you can find a “concave” thing on the right side, which is the “entrance” we mentioned. After entering the mine, we need to use a pickaxe to mine the ground tiles.

Before mining the ground tiles, we need to choose the area to be mined. If you choose a plot you like, it means that you need to cultivate more land. If the player chooses a tile from another place, it will directly skip this tile. If you choose an area tile that is not your strong suit, then you must go down from the other side. If you choose a place that you are not interested in, then you need to start again.

If players want to become rich in the game, they must learn how to mine during the process of mining the ground tiles. If players are confident in their farm level and farm level, they can plant tiles in the homes of friends to improve their farm upgrade experience. In addition, players can also buy tiles at the Mason Shop, so they can directly improve their farm level in the game.

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