Dragon Girl Equipped with Thousand Illusion Blades, Invincible at Hand! (Exploring the Strongest Equipment of Dragon Girl, Unleashing Infinite Power!)

Dragon Girl equipped with Thousand Illusion Blades, invincible at hand! (Explor

Dragon Girl equipped with Thousand Illusion Blades, invincible at hand! (Exploring the strongest equipment of Dragon Girl, unleashing infinite power!) Dragon Girl equipped with Thousand Illusion Blades, invincible at hand!

“Thousand Illusion Blades” is a 3D magical mobile game created by Tencent Games. In the game, players will transform into a powerful mythical beast and engage in fierce battles with other heroes! The game offers a variety of career choices, allowing players to freely match their own fighting styles!

The equipment system in “Thousand Illusion Blades” is extremely powerful. Players can freely combine their own dominant strategies based on their attributes and choose from 4 equipment slots, namely weapons, rings, and necklaces. Players can create their own exclusive strategies.

In “Thousand Illusion Blades,” Dragon Girl is a physical output type character with high physical damage. She is also a magic attacker with extremely strong spell output capabilities.

The equipment in “Thousand Illusion Blades” is mainly divided into 6 quality ranks: blue, purple, and gold, with gold-quality equipment being the best. However, for players, only blue-quality equipment is capable of being equipped. Gold-quality equipment is easily obtainable by players.

Players can enhance the quality of their equipment through equipment strengthening. Once all the equipment slots are filled, Dragon Girl can be advanced to the next stage. The advanced Dragon Girl will have even stronger power and help players easily defeat bosses!

Dragon Girl is positioned as a magic DPS character in the game, possessing extremely high magic output capabilities. Players can use their own attributes to team up with other heroes in battles or use different skill characteristics to deal with various challenges.

Exploring the Strongest Equipment of Dragon Girl, Unleashing Infinite Power!

As the top-tier equipment, it is believed that every player hopes to have a set of divine weapons of their own, but they are unable to turn them into powerful combat strength. So, how can one obtain this unique and strongest equipment?

《Dragon Girl》 offers six types of equipment in different qualities, including orange, purple, blue, green, and white. Orange weapons and blue armor of orange quality and above can be obtained through decomposing orange weapons and purple armor.

The equipment quality is ranked from lowest to highest: white, green, blue, yellow, red. Different quality equipment can be enhanced, upgraded, and gem-inlayed. Equipment can be enhanced up to level 5, and each piece of equipment can be enhanced up to level 6, with a maximum enhancement level of 20.

Equipment upgrading requires consuming corresponding equipment fragments, which can be obtained through decomposing purple or higher-quality equipment.

《Dragon Girl》 has a wide variety of set equipment collections and synthesis options. Players can choose their favorite equipment sets according to their own situations.

In addition, players can also obtain various sets of equipment through exchange in the treasure store, dropping from dungeons, and opening treasure chests.

Equipment gem-inlaying and refining:

In addition to equipment, “Dragon Girl” also provides equipment refining function. Players can change the current equipment’s attributes through refinement, enabling them to easily deal with various battles and become more powerful.

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