The Peak Battle in the Darkness: Conquer Naxxramas Boss Thaddius in WoW Classic Naxxramas Raid (Return to Legend: Experience WoW Classic, Conquer Thaddius at the Summit)

The Peak Battle in the Darkness: Conquer Naxxramas Boss Thaddius (Return to Leg

The Peak Battle in the Darkness: Conquer Naxxramas Boss Thaddius (Return to Legend: Experience WoW Classic, Conquer Thaddius at the Summit)

In WoW Classic, with the release of new expansions and an increase in player level caps, the game difficulty for players is also increasing. Players’ understanding of new expansion gameplay is also growing. So let’s take a look at the Peak Battle in the Darkness: Conquer Naxxramas Boss Thaddius (Return to Legend) and hope it can help everyone.

[Dungeon Introduction]

“Naxxramas” is a huge city built on the basis of powerful magic, creating endless ruins. Here, you will encounter those who once tried to destroy it but had to retreat to this unknown city, called “Alterac City”. In this war, the most dangerous presence in “Azeroth” is the Titans. They control this place with evil power and use this chaotic world as their base.

[Dungeon Guide]

First, let’s take a look at the map:

The map is one of the main scenes of the entire dungeon. The map consists of three areas, from left to right: Area 1, Area 2, Area 4, Area 5, and Area 6.

The dungeon has 3 bosses: Frostwolf King, Thunder Bluff Chief, and Wyrmguard Sentinel. Both the Frostwolf King and Wyrmguard Sentinel have higher health and damage output compared to previous dungeons. The Thunder Bluff Chief has high damage and health, while the Wyrmguard Sentinel has poor damage and survivability.

We can see that the Frostwolf King has many skills, and the damage is very high. His normal attacks can reduce the target’s movement speed by 30% and cause damage to all nearby targets. The Thunder Bluff Chief’s weakness is his body, and he can use charge skills to quickly kill enemies.

We can see that the Slowdown effect of Frost Nova and the explosion range of Fireblast are very large. The damage of Frostbolt and Fireball is also considerable, so we can use skills such as Frost Nova and Blink to evade during battles.

In terms of tactics, we recommend using Sword and Shield tactics, Whirlwind, and Sunder Armor skills. Sword and Shield tactics allow you to quickly move away after the enemy uses displacement skills and then use skills to output damage. Whirlwind requires attention to skill avoidance. Sunder Armor requires using Whirlwind to reduce damage taken.

Dungeon Rewards:

We can see that the Frostwolf King has many skills. The Frostwolf King will summon 2 Frost Bears. After the Frost Bears die, it will summon 4 Frost Spirits. The Frost Spirits will drop various rare items and gold when they die. The Frost Stag will release Ice Barrier and Frost Explosion skills.

Frostfang is a weakened version of the boss Frostbite. Frostfang can release an Ice Cone. Frostfang has 3 skills. The first is Ice Sealing, which releases an Ice Spike trap. The second is Glacier Impact, which deals damage when the ice pillar erupts. The third is Frostgaze, which freezes all targets in front and reduces their movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds. The fourth is Frost Mist, which freezes all targets within the ice barrier range for 3 seconds.

Return to Legend: Experience WoW Classic, Conquer Thaddius at the Summit

WoW Classic is coming to an end, and many players are looking forward to the new version. With the faster frequency of game updates, many old players are gradually joining the WoW community and starting to relive the legendary journey. So, in the world of WoW, what surprises can we encounter?

As a multiplayer online role-playing game, “World of Warcraft” has always been one of the most anticipated content. “World of Warcraft II” has now officially entered the PC, Xbox Series X/S platforms, and many old players have returned to “World of Warcraft III”. The most impressive one for me is “World of Warcraft III”, and the most eye-catching is the “Conquer Thaddius at the Summit” raid, which is a gameplay that not only experienced players but also new players who have not played the original game are familiar with. In this map, there are three levels: normal difficulty on the first level, boss challenge mode on the second level, and elite difficulty on the third level. In this level, players need to defeat three waves of monsters and two guards to reach the final boss’s location. In the battle process, players can use a revival potion or healing potion each round. After defeating the final boss, players can receive a large amount of silver coin rewards and special title rewards.

In addition, players can also engage in team competition. In the arena mode, in addition to choosing their own class, players can also choose different class combinations. In “World of Warcraft I,” the combination of skills between classes is very important. Players can form a lineup based on the characteristics of the class. For example, the Mage class can revive a teammate when they die, and the Priest class can revive a teammate after they die. The Warrior class needs to use a healing potion to restore health after dying. In this stage, players will face the competition between two factions, and the final boss comes from the struggle between the two factions. If the player is a Warrior, they must defeat the enemy once in order to win the battle.

Above is the relevant guide for “WoW Classic”. Have you all understood it? I hope this guide can help everyone. For more game guides, please follow our gaming website!

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