Dragon Nest Beginner’s Must-Play Career Guide (Unique Dragon Nest Beginner’s Career Choices)

Dragon Nest Beginner\’s Must-Play Career Guide (Unique Dragon Nest Beginner\’s Ca

Dragon Nest Beginner’s Must-Play Career Guide (Unique Dragon Nest Beginner’s Career Choices) As a 3D action adventure mobile game, Dragon Nest Mobile has a very unique game world view. As a newbie player, the choice of career is crucial in the game. There are four main professions in Dragon Nest Mobile: Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Priest, and each of these professions has its own characteristics. Today, we bring you related strategies about career choices, hoping to provide help to everyone!


Melee output, high burst damage, large attack range;

Weapon: Longsword

Skilled in charging into battle, attacking enemies, and possessing powerful physical prowess and defense capabilities.


Ranged magical damage output, skills with control effects, capable of dealing a large amount of damage to enemies.

Weapon: Staff

Skilled in using magic to attack, with skills that have area damage effects, suitable for PVE and PVP gameplay.


Ranged physical damage output, skills with flexibility, able to quickly move to the side of monsters to launch attacks;

Weapon: Dual Swords

Skilled in long-range physical attacks, possessing powerful output and agility.


Spell support, possessing powerful ranged damage and control abilities.

Unique Dragon Nest Beginner’s Career Choices

Dragon Nest Mobile is a very popular 3D action adventure ARPG game. Many players in this game love this profession. Today, let’s introduce the beginner’s career choices in Dragon Nest Mobile.


As the most popular ranged magic profession, the Sorceress is an indispensable presence in the team. She can unleash powerful magic to deal devastating damage to enemies; at the same time, she possesses powerful control skills that can shatter opponents.


As an indispensable member of the team, the Priest not only has strong healing abilities, but can also provide buffs or enhance defense for teammates. It is one of the irreplaceable professions in dungeons.

In team battles, the Priest’s role is to heal and protect teammates. In the team’s combat, the Priest’s role is to provide buffs to teammates and oneself, and can provide an output environment for the team.


Sharpshooter is the first choice for Archers. Skilled in using long-range attacks and melee physical attack skills, Sharpshooter is a profession known for agility. They excel at kiting battles, with fast movement speed, capable of quickly pursuing enemies.


Mages are a profession that masters mysterious powers. They possess ice, fire, and thunder magic, with outstanding strength and wide-ranging destructive capabilities.

In team battles, Mages mainly rely on high damage and decent control abilities for output. The characteristics of Mages are high burst damage, output, and control, playing the role of both damage dealer and support in the team.

Above are the recommended choices for beginner careers in “Dragon Nest Mobile”.

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