Analysis of the New Gameplay in Dragon Valley Mobile: The Way of the Dark Shaman Survival! (Exploring Dragon Valley Mobile: Creating the Strongest Dark Shaman Skill Build!)

In the game Dragon Valley Mobile, the Dark Shaman is a class that magic users ca

In the game Dragon Valley Mobile, the Dark Shaman is a class that magic users can transition into and excels in summoning various creatures. They possess powerful damage-dealing abilities but have relatively poor survivability and low attack frequency, requiring a higher level of operation from players. Below, we will introduce the gameplay analysis and skill point strategy of the Dark Shaman.


In dungeons, the Dark Shaman mainly focuses on dealing damage. Therefore, when selecting skills, it is recommended to lean towards support and control skills, ensuring their own survival while maintaining the team’s damage output. Although the Dark Shaman’s skill damage is high, the range is small, requiring close proximity to enemies to unleash its power. Therefore, in PvP, the Dark Shaman must pay attention to positioning to avoid being caught off guard by opponents and reducing the chances of turning the tables.

In addition, the Dark Shaman’s skills have effects such as knockback and stun. Knockback can launch enemies into the air, so when choosing skill combinations, it is recommended to choose evasion, allowing for a quick retreat from the battlefield after being hit by opponents’ combos. Stun can bring surrounding enemies closer to oneself, facilitating subsequent combos. However, the Dark Shaman requires a higher level of skill proficiency to use their skills effectively, so it is recommended to choose some control skills to interrupt opponents’ combos before engaging in PvP.


In PvP gameplay, the Dark Shaman’s advantage lies in its high flexibility and decent damage output. In PvP battles, the Dark Shaman’s role is to restrain opponents and create more time for teammates to deal damage. Since the Dark Shaman’s damage output is not particularly strong, it is recommended to prioritize control and support skills in PvP battles. Additionally, the Dark Shaman is relatively fragile, so if they are caught in opponents’ combos, they will be in a dangerous situation. Therefore, in skill selection, it is recommended to choose evasive and banishment skills to quickly escape or disengage after being controlled by opponents, avoiding counterattacks.

In summary, in PvP gameplay, the Dark Shaman has relatively high survivability and is suitable for players to confront other opponents. Their damage output is also strong. However, in PvP battles, the Dark Shaman still needs to rely on team cooperation to win.

Exploring Dragon Valley Mobile: Creating the Strongest Dark Shaman Skill Build!

In the game “Dragon Valley Mobile”, the Dark Shaman, as a support class, is loved by many players. However, for beginners, they may not know how to allocate skill points. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the skill point allocation and recommended combinations for the Dark Shaman!

Firstly, the skill point allocation for the Dark Shaman is mainly divided into three parts: summoning, healing, and damage output. Among them, summoning and healing are more commonly used because the summoned creatures can help deal higher damage, and healing skills are more practical as they provide a higher amount of healing and continuous healing for oneself and teammates. Damage output skills are relatively difficult to control, so if you want to play a role in battles, you should choose skills from the damage output category. Let’s take a closer look at the specific allocation methods for these three types of skills:

【Active Skills】

Summoning: Summons two large black skeletons to assist in combat. The skeletons continuously attack the target, inflicting damage and reducing the target’s movement speed when hit.

Healing: Summons a high-health ally. When the ally dies, a resurrection effect is activated.

Damage Output: The Dark Shaman shoots magic arrows at enemies, dealing damage and inflicting a bleeding effect.

【Support Skills】

Healing Spell: Restores a percentage of the health of allied units and increases their defense.

Evasion Skill: Jumps backward and attacks surrounding targets with rotating throwing knives.

Ultimate Skill: Summons a sacred cross to strike a fan-shaped area in front, causing area damage and inflicting a bleeding effect for 5 seconds.

Skill Combination:

In PvE, the summoning build mainly relies on summoned creatures as the core, while also needing the ability to provide protection for the team. Therefore, it is recommended to enhance the Dark Shaman’s defense in skill combinations to better protect the team. The healing build is focused on team support, utilizing the strong survivability of summoned creatures and cooperating with healing-oriented professions to bring greater benefits to the team. In PvP, it is recommended to combine with heroes who have strong control abilities.

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