New chapter of the game “Criminal Hunting Encyclopedia” is now online (A different criminal hunting experience, a new TV drama game awaits your challenge)

The new chapter of the game \”Criminal Hunting Encyclopedia\” is now online (A di

The new chapter of the game “Criminal Hunting Encyclopedia” is now online (A different criminal hunting experience, a new TV drama game awaits your challenge). This is a new mobile game produced by Tencent, which revolves around a corrupt detective and tells an exciting murder case story. The game will welcome its first comic storyline update on August 14th, along with the release of the second DLC script and more surprises!

The new episode of “Criminal Hunting” premiered on July 13th at 10:00am, and a new animated preview of the plot titled “Silent” has been officially announced for reservation. In addition, the first season of “Criminal Hunting” includes two female leads and one new male lead, while the second season will introduce a tracking clue

【New Levels】

1. New scene – Secret passage on a damaged wall

2. New item – Toolbox

3. Added map – Treasure vault

4. Increased concealment – Dungeon entrance

5. Optimized character animations and expressions – On the character fashion interface, clicking and dragging character actions will trigger corresponding special effects

6. Added character avatar frames – Each corner has its own exclusive symbol

7. Added voice system – Each battle has a character performing, and the target will automatically switch when switching targets

8. Added text descriptions: gesture prompts, button prompts, number prompts

9. Adjusted perspective – By moving the small circle in the upper left corner of the screen, you can observe changes in the surrounding environment

10. Added multiple float windows for a more realistic and immersive visual experience

11. Added a chain button for easier operation

12. Added new feature – Puzzle mode

13. Modified gallery colors – In settings, you can freely choose your favorite color

14. Added inventory – In the backpack interface, click on the inventory to place the desired item

15. Added some new equipment

16. Added skill slots – Each skill slot can use various props

17. Added instruction books for some weapon equipment, making it easier for players to operate their weapons

A different criminal hunting experience, a new TV drama game awaits your challenge

“A Different Criminal Hunting” is Tencent’s first surreal genre mystery TV drama, with the story revolving around detectives and constables. In the game, players will play as a detective, starting as a small detective to a killer and then to another senior police officer, experiencing a series of thrilling and exciting cases before solving them.

The drama tells the story of a young white-collar female lawyer who encounters Lin Mingyue after being robbed. As the plot progresses, the protagonist not only searches for her own family, but also encounters murderers. All her actions are related to her parents, and she has deep admiration for her father. In order to protect her daughter’s safety, she seeks help from her mother despite the dangers, but no one can help her escape.

“A Different Criminal Hunting” is a new work that combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and reasoning elements!

Although it may seem simple and easy to get started, it actually contains rich gameplay. Players will encounter various events in the game and need to find evidence based on clues to discover the truth and escape danger. During the game, players can also experience some interesting Easter eggs.

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