Love and Treasure Coins (Spread Love, Cultivate Wealth)

Love and Treasure Coins is a very popular game recently. Many players find it c

Love and Treasure Coins is a very popular game recently. Many players find it challenging, but it is still quite fun. Below, I will introduce the gameplay tips and strategies of Love and Treasure Coins, hoping to help all players!

Overview of Methods:

Gameplay Tips and Strategies for Love and Treasure Coins:

1. The characters in the game have their own attributes, so players can choose according to their preferences.

2. In this game, players can gain experience points by feeding their babies with food and items, allowing them to level up.

3. Players can also obtain money by selling items in the game.

4. Players can acquire more advanced items through synthesis, making themselves even stronger.

Spread Love, Cultivate Wealth

Coins are one of the most important currencies in the game. They can be used to level up characters, improve equipment attributes, and purchase items. Therefore, if you want to quickly develop coins in “Spread Love”, you must first invest your money wisely. Let’s see how to earn more coins!

Click the “Pet” button on the main interface to open the pet system, select the “Coins” tab, and then click “Strengthen”. After entering the strengthening interface, we need to exhaust all the coins before we can strengthen the pet. The amount of coins consumed will increase with each strengthening. As the number of coins increases, the amount of materials required for strengthening also becomes larger.

When we have insufficient coins, we can purchase them with diamonds (each purchase requires a certain amount of diamonds). However, I recommend using bound diamonds, as it will save you a lot of money.

When we have enough coins, we can exchange them for more in the shop. In the shop, we can buy various precious items such as gems, spirit pills, and refining stones, all of which are essential for increasing coins. Therefore, be sure to exchange them in a timely manner!

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