Exploring the Onmyoji World: Decoding the Development Strategy of the Two-Faced Buddha! (Journey to Save Souls: Mastering the Invincible Combat Power of the Two-Faced Buddha!)

Explore the Onmyoji world: Decoding the development strategy of the two-faced

Explore the Onmyoji world: Decoding the development strategy of the two-faced Buddha! (Journey to save souls: Mastering the invincible combat power of the two-faced Buddha!) In “Onmyoji”, many players like to use Shikigami as the protagonist, but for newcomers, how to properly utilize the wings on their heads to unravel the development strategy of the two-faced Buddha? Let’s find out together below!

First of all, it should be noted that both of these characters are R-rank Shikigami, and their levels and skills are the same.

And if you want to successfully pass the challenge of these two characters’ instance, the simplest and direct way is to choose a suitable lineup in the game to fight.

Generally speaking, if you want to accomplish the achievement task of the two-faced Buddha in exploration mode, the best way is to choose some Soul sets, because the skills of these two Shikigami are different.

The next step is the lineup configuration in the game, the skills of the two-faced Buddha are [Break], with ultimate move [Flames of Destruction], [Thunderous Force], [Angry Eyes], and three souls [Wuchang], so players can choose the lineup according to their preferences.

If you want to decrypt the development strategy of the two-faced Buddha in exploration mode, the editor suggests choosing a tank Shikigami with three output Shikigami so that the two-faced Buddha can exert its maximum power.

However, it is worth noting that the best way to develop the two-faced Buddha is to match it with Shikigami attributes. Only in this way can its true strength be fully displayed in battle.

The above is the related content of the two-faced Buddha gameplay explanation, I hope it will be helpful to everyone~

Journey to Save Souls: Mastering the Invincible Combat Power of the Two-Faced Buddha!

In the game “Onmyoji”, there are many powerful characters that can be used. These heroes have different positions and attributes, and their skills and attributes are also different, so choosing the right Shikigami in the game’s battles is important. Two-faced Buddha is an output-type character, and this character’s attack power is also very high, so if you want this Shikigami to have invincible ability, you must maximize the power of the two-faced Buddha.

First, let’s look at the actual performance of the two Shikigami in the game. They both belong to the group damage output type. Both of these Shikigami have relatively low attack power, so the damage caused by these two Shikigami in the game is very high. Both of them also have good life points in the game, so their vitality is also very strong.

In the game, the two-faced Buddha’s critical strike ability is also very high, so in this game, the overall strength of the two-faced Buddha is also very strong. Although the two-faced Buddha’s health points are not very high, the attack power can be terrifying with the added bonus.

In terms of overall skill effects, the two-faced Buddha’s skills are also very powerful. The ultimate skills on both sides can cause damage to all enemies. If they are damaged during the opponent’s turn, the two-headed Buddha can counterattack, and the counterattack effect can also be triggered with a certain probability.

Therefore, the output of the two-faced Buddha is very high, and this Shikigami has overall good effects in the game, especially in terms of skill and attribute effects, which can effectively play a role for players.

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