Creating an invincible battle god monkey series, who can end its legend? (Conquer the battle god monkey series and unlock the most powerful god-level combat power!)

Creating an invincible battle god monkey series, who can end its legend? (Conqu

Creating an invincible battle god monkey series, who can end its legend? (Conquer the battle god monkey series and unlock the most powerful god-level combat power!) It is not easy to obtain partners in the game that belong to the monkey series, because they all have powerful attributes! Let’s understand their characteristics below.

【Familiar Beast】

1. Monkey King: High attack power, skills with dizziness effect.

2. Xiao Bai: Summons a baby to assist in battle.

3. Monkey Brother: Very powerful attack power, and the summoned monkeys can help you fight monsters and level up.

4. Golden-winged Peng: The monkey’s clone can provide excellent output.

5. Nine-Tailed Fox: Wide attack range, good damage, and control ability.

6. Qilin Tiger: Wide attack range, and a certain burst ability, can interrupt enemy skills.

7. Thunderous Dragon: Fast attack speed, high attack power.

8. Pets with purple quality or above can activate combination attributes.


1. Equipment is divided into four types: weapons, rings, necklaces, and shoes.

2. Weapons are divided into fire, ice, and thunder attributes, corresponding to fire and water attributes.

3. Rings are divided into water and poison attributes, corresponding to water and poison attributes.

4. Necklaces are divided into fire and wind attributes, corresponding to fire, water, earth, and elemental attributes.

5. Shoes are divided into wood and light attributes, corresponding to wood, earth, water, and electricity.

6. The higher the level of the equipment, the more attributes it adds.

7. Orange equipment can be enhanced, evolved, inherited, and recast to improve equipment attributes.

8. Equipment enhancement consumes gold.

9. Enhancement requires gold.

10. Equipment will disappear after enhancement, and gold will be dropped when equipment disappears.

【Soul Stone】

1. The soul stone of the monkey series is of red quality and has powerful attributes.

2. The soul artifact of the monkey series is of blue quality, and has powerful attack and powerful life-stealing abilities.

3. Soul stones can be obtained through dungeons, tasks, activities, etc.

4. Soul stones can be obtained through dungeons, tasks, activities, etc.


1. Monkey Card: The monkey card is the beckoning cat of the monkey clan, which allows the owner to quickly restore health on the battlefield.

2. [Firecracker]: The explosive power of the monkey card is huge, and there will be additional damage bonus and burning effect when it explodes.

3. [Armor Breaker Strike]: The defense power of the monkey card is extremely high. When attacking, it has additional damage reduction and can cause a large amount of damage to enemies in a straight line in front.

4. [Raging Combo]: The monkey card can swing three spears continuously in a short period of time, carrying out 3 consecutive attacks.

Conquer the battle god monkey series and unlock the strongest god-level combat power!

The game “Spirit” has the monkey series, unlocking the strongest god-level combat power! “Spirit” is a 3D turn-based RPG online game that is agented by Tencent. The game is set against the backdrop of medieval Chinese style.

There are three major races in the game: humans, demons, and dragons. Each hero has its own characteristics and characteristics, and each hero has its own combat system. In this “Spirit” game, the monkey is a very powerful physical output character. The monkey’s main attack method is physical attacks, and it can cause additional damage to enemies. At the same time, the monkey’s passive skill can also increase the monkey’s own critical hit rate. The active skill and ultimate move of the monkey can cause a large amount of physical damage and dizziness effect to the enemy.

The combat power of the monkey series heroes mainly comes from skills. In the game, the skills of each hero can enhance their own ability values. For example, Sun Wukong’s [Talent] can increase the monkey’s attack power, and Sun Wukong’s [Killing Move] can increase the monkey’s base attack power and skill release probability. In this way, the monkey’s output ability on the battlefield will be greatly enhanced.

Of course, in addition to the above two heroes, several other heroes can also enhance players’ combat power. Let us understand in detail below:

【Fox Fairy】: The Fox Fairy is a magical hero. She can not only cause a large amount of spell damage to enemies, but also let friendly heroes gain defense and critical resistance bonus effects. When players deal with bosses, the Fox Fairy can use her ultimate move to launch a group attack on enemies, and also make enemies unable to take action for a certain period of time, greatly increasing survival capabilities.

【Golden Horn Great King】: The Golden Horn Great King is a physical-type hero with very strong physical damage skills. At the same time, it can make enemies suffer additional damage when being physically attacked. In the later stages of the game, the Golden Horn Great King can also cause damage to individual enemies and have a certain dizziness effect.

【Sandy】: Sandy is a healing and support-type hero. He can restore health and mana to teammates and can also provide various buffs to teammates, such as life recovery and attack recovery. When players are in combat, Sandy can provide great help to the team.

【Bull Demon King】: The Bull Demon King has very strong control abilities, and also has decent physical output abilities. In the middle stage of the battle, the Bull Demon King can cause a large amount of damage to all friendly heroes. When the Bull Demon King equips the “Chaos Set”, his damage ability will be significantly improved.

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