Recommended Hot Fighting Standalone Games in 2022, Not to be Missed! (Revealing the Most Anticipated Unique Fighting Standalone Games of 2022!)

Recommended Hot Fighting Standalone Games in 2022, Not to be Missed! (Revealing

Recommended Hot Fighting Standalone Games in 2022, Not to be Missed! (Revealing the Most Anticipated Unique Fighting Standalone Games of 2022!) “Fighting Legend” is a 3D card game that adopts side-scrolling fighting gameplay, allowing players to experience different senses of impact and strategic depth in different battles! The game has many interesting unique systems that will bring players a very good gaming experience. Now let’s share the most anticipated games of this year!

Recommended Hot Fighting Standalone Games in 2021:

1. “The King of Fighters ’97,” “Street Fighter II,” “KOF 5,” “Demon Battle,” these four works have different art styles, but the plot in the game is full of fun.

2. “Dota Legend,” “Bushido.” The graphics of these four works are exquisite, and “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (adapted from a movie) is more like a classic role-playing game.

3. “Duel Arena,” the graphics of this work are very impressive, and the characters are quite cute.

4. “Diablo 2,” “Dragon Nest,” the production of these three series is excellent, although they are not very popular, they can still be considered as excellent mobile games.

5. “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,” “Knights of the Zodiac,” “Great Snake Invasion 2.” These four works all have their own highlights, and they all have unique skills and attributes, which I really like~

Revealing the Most Anticipated Unique Fighting Standalone Games of 2022!

In “Fighting World,” as a standalone game with fighting as its theme, “Fighting World” has been highly sought after and pursued by players. With the passage of time, the “action card mobile game” that is “most worth looking forward to” has gradually become an indescribable big IP. Now, this brand new side-scrolling level-based RPG full of magical colors has met everyone in all aspects!

“Fighting World” was created by Japanese cartoonist Miki Mei on December 13, 2010, and it has attracted much attention on the Internet. “Fighting World,” “Street Fighter,” “Dragon Nest,” “Diablo: Immortal,” and other works have been refined to the extreme in mobile games, among which the most classic part is the role-playing MMO game that is one of the three major anime collections. The original gameplay, rich and colorful story background, and wonderful and unparalleled battle experience have made fans unable to put down this series!

The game is currently in the pre-registration stage, and “Fighting World” will officially start testing in early 2021!

As for “Dota Legend,” this is a popular fighting mobile game with rich content. “Dota Legend” (DOTA) is the first fighting mobile game produced by Warner Bros. Culture Company (Beijing NetEase Technology Communication Co., Ltd.), the distributor in mainland China. It is also the first MMO game in China with a large number of original stories. It integrates many modern elements and combines the characteristics of innovative strategy games, and incorporates more unique game systems, making the game more in line with real human society. At the same time, its plot is very compact, and the portrayal of characters with complex but delicate and touching personalities has surprised many old players. This mobile game will inherit the essence of many well-known previous generation web games and create a new art style. It will continue the worldview of the original work and also support cutting-edge visual processing technology. All the hero characters are included in the same team, and players can freely switch and experience more interesting combo operations during the game.

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