Thunder Fighter – Exciting and Thrilling Aerial Battle! (Experience the Beauty of Thunder Fighter’s New Aerial Sensations!)

Thunder Fighter – Exciting and Thrilling Aerial Battle! (Experience the Beauty

Thunder Fighter – Exciting and Thrilling Aerial Battle! (Experience the Beauty of Thunder Fighter’s New Aerial Sensations!) Today, the editor brings you the content of the exciting and thrilling aerial battle of Thunder Fighter. Although this is a new gameplay mode, it looks quite good from the content. However, this is not just a gameplay in the game. The gameplay of Thunder Fighter is very similar to the previous ones, and also introduces some new equipment, allowing players to experience more new content. After the update, the official has also brought a lot of new version updates! Let’s take a look below!

This update mainly describes the skill effects of the new war deity alien that will be introduced in Thunder Fighter. In terms of aircraft, the skill effects of the alien look very cool and have very powerful attributes!

At max level, the attack power of the alien war deity is as high as 10750, which is 1000 points higher than the attack power of the Phantom series fighter, and it has a penetration effect.

The alien war deity is not yet available in the game, but after the update, the fighter has finally welcomed its first form of the dragon demon series fighter!

The dragon demon series fighter has super strong output ability, and its attack power has reached a terrifying 1200 points.

The skill “Nuclear Explosion” of the dragon demon fighter will make enemies drop a large number of nuclear bombs and have a high chance of going into a rampage state!

Although the increase in combat power has not increased the attack power of the fighter much, for players of Thunder Fighter, the increase in combat power is also very significant.

So, this new version of Thunder Fighter’s content, the editor still thinks it is very much worth looking forward to!

Experience the Beauty of Thunder Fighter’s New Aerial Sensations!

Thunder Fighter has updated the new version of fighter companions, which not only adds new war gods and new armor, but also brings new companions’ appearances! Presumably, players have been eagerly anticipating this new version for a long time. Now let me bring you a detailed experience of the newly added fighter partners!

1. Exquisite Companion Experience

Currently, Thunder Fighter has a total of three companions, namely Plasma Cannon, Energy Blast Shell, and Golden Barrier.

The plasma cannon is currently the strongest companion in the game, both in terms of attributes and skills, it is quite powerful, and players basically use it in the early game. The trajectory of the plasma cannon is relatively centralized, and its attack power is also the highest. Therefore, the plasma cannon is definitely one of the strongest companions in the early game. Of course, this is only the initial form.

Although the energy blast shell does not have high attack power, it can compensate for its small attack range to a certain extent. For players who like long-range combat, its value is very high. However, in the later stages, due to the short attack range of monsters, its effectiveness is not so great.

The golden barrier has a high combat power in the early stages of the game, but by the later stages, its role is not so obvious, after all, it can only block enemy bullets. However, in the middle stage of the game, the golden barrier’s role begins to show. It can not only help negate enemy attacks but also block enemy bullets.

These are the strategies for experiencing the exquisite Thunder Fighter partners brought to you today, and I hope you like them.

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