Subverting imagination! CrossFire’s new map gameplay is shocking (Virtual Battlefield Evolution! CrossFire challenges innovative maps)

Subverting imagination! CrossFire\’s new map gameplay is shocking (Virtual Battl

Subverting imagination! CrossFire’s new map gameplay is shocking (Virtual Battlefield Evolution! CrossFire challenges innovative maps) Subverting imagination! CrossFire’s new map gameplay is shocking (Virtual Battlefield Evolution! CrossFire’s game) The new map gameplay is shocking, CrossFire mobile game has been very popular since its launch. So how do you play this new mode? Let’s find out together with the editor!

[Mode Introduction]

The new maps “Phantom Castle” and “Ruin” introduced in this update belong to the new PVE gameplay, where various weapons can be used in battle. Among them, sniper rifles, as the main output weapons in the game, can be used for special melee attacks.

Sniper rifles also have excellent output capabilities in the game, with super high power, long range, and high damage. In battle, snipers can use cover for combat.

[Gameplay Introduction]

This mode is divided into two major scenes: Phantom Valley and Ruin.

Phantom Valley is one of the main gameplay scenes players can enter.

In the Ruin gameplay, players can experience different monsters such as “Dark Knight of Bioweapons” and “Mutant Zombies.”

In the Maze gameplay, players will enter the other side of the maze and can obtain various item rewards, including helmets, backpacks, armor, etc.

Players can also choose to confront enemies, and they need to avoid enemy firepower to a certain extent and eliminate as many enemies as possible.

In the other end of the “Maze,” players can choose to confront enemies and avoid enemy firepower to a certain extent.

In this mode, players will face a large number of monsters, and enemies will launch continuous attacks from various directions.

The “Ruin” gameplay is more challenging, and players need to pay attention to the map’s structure and various traps.

[Game Highlights]

1. The new map “Phantom Castle.”

2. The map structure of the “Ruin” gameplay is more complex.

3. The terrain of “Phantom Valley” is relatively simple.

4. Unique fog system.

5. The addition of various weapons and items makes battles more strategic.

Virtual Battlefield Evolution! CrossFire challenges innovative maps

CrossFire’s new map challenge gameplay is here. Players will no longer enter a deserted town alone, but instead transform into a combat team member to engage in fierce battles on a deserted island. This new challenge gameplay not only increases the fun and playability of the game, but also allows everyone to experience the unique “Unreal 4” engine in the PC game.

[Unlimited Firepower]

In “CrossFire Gun World,” players will experience the tense and exciting shooting thrill in the simplest way! This release introduces the “Challenge Mode,” which adds more new game elements based on the classic demolition mode!

In the “Normal Demolition” mode, players will engage in confrontations in a team, individual, or team way. In the “Challenge Mode – Crazy Tower Defense” (Super Zombie Mode), players will become characters with characteristics such as “holding rifles,” “holding sniper rifles,” “using machine guns,” “slow movement speed, stiff body, low bullet count,” etc. In the “Crazy Tower Defense – Desert Grey (BOSS)” mode, players will become characters “holding shotguns” and “using melee weapons.” Players will have more powerful firepower and need to move flexibly to ensure that they are not easily eliminated by opponents!

“CF Mobile” (abbreviated as CF), created by the top international developer Supercell, inherits the core experience of the PC game and perfectly replicates the core gameplay of the PC game. The game is based on world-class military competitions as its main content, combining modern warfare background and time concepts to design various tactical strategies, close combat, and anti-terrorism special operations modes, and adopts a brand new 3D graphics technology presentation.

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