Return to the Dark Ages and Fight against the Apocalyptic Demon Hecarim! (Cross the Sealing Gate and Conquer Hecarim’s Demonic Legion!)

Return to the Dark Ages and Fight against the Apocalyptic Demon Hecarim! (Cross

Return to the Dark Ages and Fight against the Apocalyptic Demon Hecarim! (Cross the Sealing Gate and Conquer Hecarim’s Demonic Legion!) Return to the dark ages and embark on a magical adventure game. Set against a mysterious legend, as players embark on a journey to save the world, they will confront evil monsters and uncover the hidden stories behind the story. Now let’s take a look at returning to the dark ages and fighting against the apocalyptic demon Hecarim!

“Return to the Dark Ages” is a RPG mobile game that combines various elements such as exploration, strategy, development, and turn-based combat, bringing players a gameplay experience unlike the conventional.

[Unlocking Level]

Can be unlocked after completing Chapter 13.

[Challenge Mode]

After completing level 15 dungeons, players can enter challenge mode. In this mode, players will face three bosses:

1. Final Boss Hekleus – Hecarim’s mother. It requires sufficient health potions to be prepared before killing the boss.

2. Final Boss Heradius – The soul of Hellmage. Hellmage’s soul can summon a powerful undead legion to attack the player.

3. Final Boss Hetniks – Hecarim’s colossus. Hecarim’s demon king is a powerful challenger with tremendous power and destructive capability! It can manipulate huge meteorites to inflict massive damage on enemies!

After defeating all the companions, you can obtain Hecarim’s secret book fragments, and after collecting a certain amount of fragments, you can add Hecarim’s secret book to your collection.

[Recommended Heroes]

First, the recommended heroes: Shivana (Warrior) and Maya·Laine (Mage). Shivana’s skills can provide high damage and her healing ability is considerable. Maya·Laine has impressive output ability and strong survival ability, ensuring players’ endurance and combat ability. At the same time, Shivana’s auxiliary abilities are also strong, she can enhance the overall defense of the team and provide buffs to teammates. Shivana’s control ability is also remarkable, she can apply stun and silence effects to opponents.

Next, the recommended heroes: Ryzber Count (Knight) or Asethea (Priest). Ryzber Count’s skills can not only increase the crit rate and evasion rate for the entire team, but also provide powerful recovery skills. Asethea’s healing capability is without doubt, and she can also reduce opponent’s critical damage.

Cross the Sealing Gate and Conquer Hecarim’s Demonic Legion!

As a popular ARPG mobile game with a Western fantasy story, “Temple of Doom” allows players to play as the protagonist Hecarim. After entering Hecarim, players need to complete quests to unlock Hecarim’s throne.

After entering Hecarim’s throne, players will first encounter three bosses:

[Evil Eye Gulad] and [Shadow Mage Martenek]: These two bosses possess powerful abilities. Players need to defeat them to enter the next level gate.

[Dark Elf Anselros]: She is a black magician who can use her skills to attack enemies and transform them into terrifying creatures! Players can improve her combat power by leveling up!

[Shadow Mage Malenonos]: This is a very powerful mage. Players can increase skill damage by upgrading skills!

Finally, I would like to remind you that:

Each level of Hecarim’s Throne has an ultimate boss. Killing the ultimate boss will grant rich rewards. Before killing the ultimate boss, players also need to complete the corresponding achievements, otherwise they will not be able to enter the next sealing gate.

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