What does Lantern Capital mean (Lantern B2B)?

What does Lantern Capital mean? The meaning of Lantern Capital is a very intere

What does Lantern Capital mean (Lantern B2B)?

What does Lantern Capital mean? The meaning of Lantern Capital is a very interesting investment target. In the field of blockchain, we know that many so-called investment institutions were established around 2013. They mainly engage in business such as project incubation, trading, and asset management, etc. So what is Lantern Capital? Simply put, it is a venture capital fund or a family wealth management company, with a company name called Lantern Fund.

Currently, although some people pay more attention to digital currencies, for this type of enterprise, they are basically doing the opposite. So when everyone sees this, it may feel unfamiliar, because when people talk about this concept, some are telling stories or discussing the development and application of technology, while others are more concerned about the future development direction of this industry.

Lantern B2B

On July 6th, Lantern founder Zhang Lei said at the Lantern blockchain partner conference, “With the increase in B2C transaction volume and more users entering, the future market will be even bigger.” At the same time, he mentioned that in this cooperation, “B2C” represents the value exchange between enterprises and customers.

It is reported that Lantern currently provides B2C digital currency exchange services (including digital assets, virtual currencies) for nearly 2,000 online merchants worldwide. Since the end of March this year, Lightning Network has become one of the mainstream application scenarios, and it supports free exchange between BTC, ETH, and various mainstream currencies through the Lightning protocol. (Sina Finance)

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