Why does the Ethereum server always drop (why does the Ethereum platform stop)

Why does the Ethereum server always drop (why does the Ethereum platform stop)

Why do Ethereum servers always drop blocks? According to trustnodes, why do Ethereum servers always drop blocks? The reason is:

1. There is a problem with the node using RPCAPI on EVM (virtual machine) 2. Memory pools are too expensive to process transactions. The sharp rise in the price of Ethereum makes some users worry that Ethereum miners may lose funds due to low income and high fees

3. Due to the impact of fast execution speed and high gas costs, the time of Ethereum block is also becoming longer and longer As the usage of the network continues to increase and computing power gradually decreases, the experience of many users will deteriorate, and even malfunction phenomena may occur

Why did the Ethereum platform stop

Editor’s Note: This article is from the vernacular blockchain (ID: hellobtc). The author: In February, the Odaily Planet Daily was authorized to reprint it

Did the recent Ethereum platform stop? The reason is simple – it has not released any announcements to attract users to use its platform’s tokens; But now the website has been shut down because its services are still unable to function properly. “Can’t you store your token on the Ethereum platform?” said Ethereum developer and CEO of Coinbase Exchange. “I know you can’t store your token here.” Why did Ethereum stop operating? Ethereum is one of the oldest and most valuable applications in the decentralized network and the largest Cryptocurrency trading platform. However, since 2019, due to the price collapse of Ethereum, these applications have become unpopular: “People began to worry that Ethereum would lose its position”, and questioned whether they could maintain “stability” like Bitcoin

The emergence of Ethereum has led some people to believe that this is just a coincidence: “If you want to hold your digital assets, you must mortgage your ETH, and if you want to borrow more ETHs, you need to put them in your wallet.” In fact, most DeFi protocols are supported by smart contracts at present, so the sudden downtime of Ethereum platform is due to insufficient user experience, And issues such as lack of liquidity

But many people in the Ethereum community believe that Ethereum is a highly speculative system, and it has no real place to use it to suppress the existence of this system: “In fact, when we enter the DeFi ecosystem, we see a variety of participants trying to use this mechanism to create new things.” Even so, Ethereum has gained the attention of many users, For example, Robert Leshner, the founder of CompoundLabs, also publicly admitted that “Ethereum is a very powerful system,” he added: “Although I don’t know what the real situation is or how it is generated, I really think Ethereum is not a good project. However, in the long run, it is a good thing.” In addition, Ethereum platform seems to be looking for other ways to solve the problem, For example, the cost of letting users use the Ethereum platform will become lower, so that users’ needs will not be affected.

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