What currency is KEEP (keep currency prospect)

What currency is KEEP (keep currency prospect)

What currency is KEEP? According to official information, KeepNetwork is a decentralized network. In the network, everyone can participate in creating, owning, and managing their own encrypted assets (KEEP) and use DApp to build decentralized applications and services. Smart contracts allow users to conduct financial transactions at a low cost. The supply of KEEP tokens is 100 million, of which 15% are locked in smart contracts and 5% are locked in public addresses. The project was founded by Chief Scientist Steven Zheng, who stated, “With the development of blockchain technology, we believe that the DeFi ecosystem will become more interesting.”

Keep Coin Prospects

Currently, Keep Coin has a market value of $400 million, ranking 9th in market value. Keep Coin (KEEP) is one of the world’s leading blockchain digital asset wallets. Eric Conner, the founder of Keep, said in an interview: “As more and more projects are added, the value of this project will become clearer.” Regarding the development prospects of Keep, he mentioned that, In the next few years, Keep will continue to develop with more mainstream exchanges and investment funds, which will become an important factor in the ecological development of Keep. The Keep team is likely to be the best developers and investors in China, and they have great potential to drive the industry forward. Therefore, we welcome other high-quality partners to participate in the construction of Keep and explore better landing application scenarios together

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