The Magical Sword Adventures (Sealing the Sword of Baidu Archangel: Reshaping the Legend)

The Magical Sword Adventures (Sealing the Sword of Baidu Archangel: Reshaping t

The Magical Sword Adventures (Sealing the Sword of Baidu Archangel: Reshaping the Legend) is a 3D turn-based role-playing game based on the classic online game fantasy theme. It is the most anticipated 3D MMORPG mobile game in 2017.

The gameplay introduction:

After reaching level 20, players can participate in the “Adventures” activity!

There are 3 chances to enter the activity every day, and each time the activity lasts for 15 minutes.

Upon entering, the system will randomly assign opponents and players. Players need to choose based on their own strength.

After successfully challenging, players can receive score rewards, which can be used to exchange for various rare items.

After passing 5 levels, players can also activate the sweeping mode to conveniently complete the tasks!

The gameplay guide:

After entering the activity, players can click “Start Challenge” to quickly proceed to the next level.

After clearing the 5th level, players can enter the “Reward Center”. The Reward Center will display the current player’s ranking and score.

Players can receive 10 free challenge attempts every day, with counts resetting at 0:00.

The higher the VIP level, the more challenge attempts can be received per day. The lower the VIP level, the fewer attempts can be received.

When players accumulate a certain number of points, they can receive corresponding rewards.

Activity rewards: experience, equipment, gems, etc.

Sealing the Sword of Baidu Archangel: Reshaping the Legend

Sealing the Sword of Baidu Archangel: Reshaping the Legend is a topic that many players may not be familiar with. Next, let me introduce Sealing the Sword of Baidu Archangel: Reshaping the Legend. Interested players can learn more about it.

[Game Background]

“Baidu Archangel Sword” is a 3D MMORPG mobile game based on “classics”! Carefully crafted by Beijing iQiyi Software Co., Ltd., “Archangel Sword: Reshaping the Legend” inherits the classic gameplay and classic role-playing gameplay of the PC version, while incorporating a large number of new gameplay, making it more immersive and interactive!

[Game Features]

1. Exquisite and gorgeous graphics, providing an ultimate visual experience;

2. Cool skill effects, enjoying the most exciting fighting sensation;

3. Superb social features, allowing friends to support each other and grow together;

4. The “Artifact” system is customized for each warrior, allowing you to experience the fun brought by unique equipment combinations.

[How to Enter]

Click on the task avatar in the upper left corner to enter, click on “Activity”, and you will see “Closed Beta Activation Code Redemption”.

[More Content]

“Archangel Sword: Reshaping the Legend” has already started the non-wipe reservation activity. Players can go to the official website to make a reservation. The game is made with Unity3D engine, highly restoring the graphics style of the PC version, and adding many innovative elements. It has also been optimized for the characteristics of the mobile platform, supporting hundreds of players to compete on the same screen, bidding farewell to lag and game crashes for a better gaming experience.

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